Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT involves replacing and supplementing the hormones routinely produced by your own body in order to maintain a healthy, energized body. Bio-Identical hormones are a healthier, safer alternative to synthetically created hormones. These Bio-Identical hormones are plant-based, and an exact chemical match to those made naturally in your body. They have fewer undesirable side effects than their non-Bio-Identical counterparts and are effective for both men and women. Other benefits of Bio-Identical hormones include:

  • Synthetic hormones, although similar, are not identical to your body’s hormones, and therefore can lead to adverse reactions or long-term health risks. This is a key reason many patients opt for Bio-Identical hormones.
  • Bio-Identical hormones can be tailored to fit your individual needs, unlike synthetic hormones which come in a standard dosages. This means better relief from the symptoms that you are actually experiencing.
  • There are also less side effects reported among patients using Bio-Identical hormones. Remember, your regimen can be altered at any time so that you experience few, if any, side effects.

Treatment programs usually consist of replacement of primary hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, melatonin, and DHEA.  The hormones are specially compounded by a LeFave Pharmacy locally.

Bella Rose offers saliva hormone testing for baseline levels and monitoring therapy.  Benefits of saliva testing include:

  • Saliva measures hormone that actually made it into tissue, because hormones pass through saliva gland tissue before getting into saliva.  Blood measures hormones that eventually get to the tissue.
  • Saliva hormone testing is most useful for uncovering hormone imbalance.  For example: discovering a woman has insufficient progesterone to balance high estradiol levels or; that high cortisol levels are interfering with the action of progesterone and testosterone.  Once a hormone imbalance has been uncovered, treatment can be instituted.
  • Saliva collection is painless and more convenient for the patient, particularly when multiple samples are required.  Multiple saliva samples can be collected by the patient during the menstrual cycle, and this enables a more in-depth look at hormonal balance than is available with a one-time blood measurement.
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