Body Wraps


Choose a luxury spa body wrap to achieve skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Our wraps have been hand picked for the best ingredients to detoxify, hydrate, accelerate cell renewal, deeply cleanse and replenish, improve skin texture, and remove impurities.   Our body wraps lift dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin.  Each wrap starts with a vanilla lemongrass sugar scrub to naturally renew complexion and exfoliate dead skin cells leaving skin with a healthy glow.  You may request to include a dry brushing to exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. The practice of dry brushing helps sweep away dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce ingrown hairs and the appearance of cellulite, and leaves the skin glowing.

– European Rose Mud Wrap

Breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the French countryside as you surround the skin in a richly hydrating cocoon. This remarkable mud contains soothing Rose Clay extracted from the Provençe region of France. Carefully sun-dried to retain its purity, the clay is infused with powerful source derivatives of deeply hydrating Apricot and Wheat Amino Acids, Beta Glucan, Rosa Centifolia, and Alpha Hydroxy Lactic Acid to provide a multifunctional skin renewing treatment that accelerates epidermal cell renewal, ensures renewed hydration and stimulates the skin’s self-protecting mechanism against UVA-induced oxidative stress. European Rose Body Mud is the ultimate for refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin.

-Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

Sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Blue-Green Algae to hydrate and detoxify. The active moisturizer base includes willow bark extract, aloe vera oil, Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, lavender, and a touch of fragrance to lift the spirits.

-Black Baltic Mud Wrap

Free skin of environmental stress and toxins with a centuries-old curative. This unique black mud utilizes colloidal Black European Fresh Water Silts to improve skin texture and extract pore-clogging impurities that damage and weaken skin. Formed 30,000 years ago by the slow decomposition of organic and plant substances, these rare Black Silts contain 40% Humic Acid and an abundance of fatty acids, lipids, and vitamins and minerals to enhance cell turnover while deeply hydrating skin. With an organic content exceeding that of Austrian Moor, Fango, or Dead Sea mud, our Black Baltic silts promote cell oxygenation, assist in removing debris and impurities, and replenish moisture while imparting freshness, firmness and uniformity to the skin.

-Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap

A moisture-binding emollient that provides deep, lasting hydration and protection for the skin.  Body Luxe Hydrating Wrap leaves an intense hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing even the most sensitive skin. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly hydrated. Binds in moisture for lasting hydration and protection.

Ask about adding a massage, facial, and spa foot treatment to make your body wrap the ultimate in luxury!

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