Direct Primary Care Coming to Bella Rose!

Big announcement!!

Starting in March Dr’s Jess and Jason Beatty, after lots of thought and feedback, have decided to start doing direct primary care at Bella in addition to the med spa! Many know that Dr. Jess is a board certified family medicine physician and left primary care when her 3yo son was born in order to spend more time at home with their kids and follow her dream of opening Bella. Dr. Jason is also a family medicine physician and left his full time position in primary care a couple years ago to follow his passion in addiction medicine. Both were burned out dealing with insurance companies and feeling the pressure of seeing a high volume of patients in a day.

Enter direct primary care. What exactly is direct primary care? This is an office that sees their patients directly and does not bill insurance. Patients pay a set fee for their visit (some offices offer monthly or yearly memberships but we do not offer that at this time). Patients can submit their visit to their insurance company themselves and they may get reimbursed. Our fees are set low enough however that they are comparable to copays and deductible expenses anyway. HSA cards may also be used to pay for visits.

Visit prices are as follows:
$30 acute sick visit
$40 Well child visit
$40 OMT
$50 chronic visit
$75 yearly adult wellness visit
$100 establish care visit one time fee for new patients
Procedure prices vary

What do you get with these prices? Access to a doctor who wants to spend time with you and listen. A doctor who wants to put your wellness as a top priority. A doctor who wants to make health care affordable and accessible. To keep the volume lower in order to spend time with each patient, spaces will be limited. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Call 989-464-1883 to schedule your appointments and we will send you a new patient application.

And don’t worry Spa clients – there will still be plenty of time for you!

Let’s put the wellness in Bella Rose Skin Care and Wellness Center!