Direct Primary Care

What exactly is direct primary care? This is an office that sees their patients directly and does not bill insurance. Patients pay a set fee for their visit (some offices offer monthly or yearly memberships but we do not offer that at this time). Patients can submit their visit to their insurance company themselves and they may get reimbursed. Our fees are set low enough however that they are comparable to copays and deductible expenses anyway. HSA cards may also be used to pay for visits.

List of Services & Fees:

  • $100 yearly membership fee
  • $30 acute sick visit
  • $40 Well child visit
  • $30 Sports physicals
  • $40 OMT
  • $50 chronic visit
  • $75 yearly adult wellness visit

List of services included in above fees:

  • Dipstick urinalysis
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Finger stick glucose
  • Pap smears*
  • Rapid strep or flu test

Procedure Fees:

  • $50 Joint Injections with Depo Medrol
  • $400 Joint Injections with PRP
  • $50 Trigger Point Injections
  • $50 Skin Biopsies*
  • $100 Lesion Excisions (moles, cysts, lipomas)*
  • $100 Stitches for Lacerations (price may vary depending on cut length)
  • $30 B12 Injections
  • $35 MIC/B12 Weight Loss Injection
  • $100 Cryo for warts/SK’s/skin tags (up to 10)
  • $25 Ear Irrigation
  • $5 HgbA1C, Cr, Hgb, or Albumin Fingerstick test

Vaccines are referred to the health department.

*Patient will be responsible for the laboratory fee

What do you get with these prices? Access to a doctor who wants to spend time with you and listen. A doctor who wants to put your wellness as a top priority. A doctor who wants to make health care affordable and accessible. To keep the volume lower in order to spend time with each patient, spaces will be limited. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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