Stretch Mark Therapy

Stretch Mark Treatment

Up to 90% of women get stretch marks (also known as striae), mainly during pregnancy, weight gain, or puberty and they can have a serious impact on confidence and self-esteem.  Sublative resurfacing is an effective treatment option for those troublesome lines.

Sublative technology is neither laser nor light based. Instead, this unique technology uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency (RF) directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. This fractional delivery of RF energy initiates a strong wound healing response in the dermal layer while also minimising the damage to the epidermis. The treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production at the site of the stretch mark.

6 weeks after a series of 3 treatments, all stretch marks are improved! Improvement is seen in depth and width of stretch marks as well as general roughness of skin.

Before and After

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