Tattoo Removal

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal: How Does It Work?

You’ve changed over time, so can your art.  If you want to alter, cover, or even completely wipe the “regret of it all” ink that you have, there is an alternative to laser treatments now available. Until now the only option for tattoo removal was to be referred for painful, only partially effective, laser treatments.

Tatt2Away uses an innovative patented technique TEPR (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) with TERPSOL, a naturally occurring solution which binds and breaks down the ink pigments bringing them up and out of the body.

During your initial consult Dr. Glenn will sketch out a map and timeline specifically to alter, cover-up, or completely remove your art, regardless of size and existing colors. Based on your vision for your ink-evolution Dr. Glenn will design a plan of treatments for removal and, if you desire, your new ink.

In planning for a removal, time requirements are a common concern. Treatment sessions range from 20-40 minutes each sitting. Taking into account the location, complexity, and size of your tattoo, Dr. Glenn will be able to provide you with an accurate timeline of how many treatments are required for your specific evolutionary process.

Treatment Sessions

Using a template stencil pattern to mark the skin, the TEPR (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) technique and the TEPRSOL solution is what makes Tatt2Away unique and the leader in the market. Use of the template minimizes scarring and the proprietary solution works to remove all of the colors of ink pigment from the skin.

Dr. Glenn performs the removal with equipment, similar to a tattoo machine, applying the solution in 5 mm patches following the template pattern. This begins the process of binding and breaking down the ink pigments of your tattoo.

As the area heals, the solution pulls the ink from the skin in the form of a scab. When the scab falls away, the ink goes with it. Dr. Glenn will plan to treat small sections to control and maintain a healthy healing process. Each area will be treated in a different session until the required removal is complete.


The TEPR relies on your body’s natural healing to reject the ink from the treated area in the form of a scab. When the scab falls off it actually removes the ink from your body.

Between treatments, you will be advised to keep the area clean and out of the sun and to follow all aftercare instructions given by your technician to achieve the best result possible.

Before And Afters


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